About Us

About Camp Challenge

Established April 2007

Camp Director: Mr. Fred Ybanez

Camp Counselor: Officer McMillen  

          Camp Advisor:  Police Chief Randy Dixon  (2007 - 2011)

In April 2007, Mr. Fred Ybanez and Office McMillen introduced Camp Challenge to the City of Morgan's Point Resort.  The goal was to solicit  camp sponsors.  In the fall of 2009 Chief Randy Dixon gave the approval to support Camp challenge, in June 2010 Camp Challenge began the first five day camp.  The camp consisted of  4 police officer, 3 active duty soldiers from Fort Hood, Texas, and Mr. Ybanez Camp director.  The youths were introduced to water safety, physical fitness, rappelling, zip-lines, river crossing, rope bridges, first aid, introduction to scuba,  Texas Parks and Wildlife, Leadership course at Fort Hood and 3 days camping and other outdoor activities.   The camp was a great success. With the knowledge gained from previous years, Camp Challenge has been very successful.  Champ Challenge has been recognized by the community, local news, Temple and Belton newspapers.  The camp is open to anyone who wishes to enroll and take the challenge in ages 11 to 16 years of age and is open to males and females.   

Camp Team Leaders, are over the age of 18

 Teen Leaders are past camp attendees and are no longer of age to participate in camp.  These teen Leaders play a big part; role modeling, over watching camp activities and helping campers meet the challenges of the camp.

Camp is held at Camp Kachina, Girl Scout Camp at end of the  Morgan's Point Resort area Borders.


Counselor's are required to have experience

working with today's youths, pass a background check and

be approved by the camp director.